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Empower Your Business With An NDA | NDA 2020

Why Should I Get An NDA?

What Does An NDA Do?

SHORT ANSWER: An NDA empowers you to share your ideas, inventions, and intellectual property with other people without the fear of them stealing it away from you.

NDAs legally protect your intellectual property on a per-person basis. That means you can share your intellectual property (ideas, inventions, plans, etc.) under legal protection.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can protect your livelihood.

What Happens If I DON'T Get An NDA?

You run the risk that your business partners, mentors, advisors, professors, friends, family, customers, test audiences... ANYONE, will steal your idea & put you out of business.

It happens far more often that you'd think.

What Can I Do Once I Have An NDA?

Now you can showcase yourself, your ideas, and your future to investors without them stealing your stuff.

Now you can seek out business partners to join your company without fear that they will compete against you armed with your own intellectual property.

Now you can show your designs to manufacturers and will have tools to go after them should they attempt to take them for themselves.

Now you can share your vision with mentors and feel confident that their guidance won't come with a hidden agenda.

Now you can utilize focus groups to test out confidential ideas without them telling the world before you are ready.

In short: You can truly run your business.

Why Should I Choose SNAP Legal?

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It used to be that, if you wanted a customized Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your intellectual property, you had one of two options:

1) Spend an average of $300-$1000 to have a lawyer to write a custom NDA from scratch, or

2) Use someone else's NDA with blank spaces & write your info into it for about $50

People had to choose between GOOD coverage that protected them well (but cost a ton), or CHEAP coverage that would be torn to shreds in any court of law.


-We decided to do things a better way-


We created a system that allows you to enter your information and provides our attorneys with all of the info they need to efficiently draft an NDA for YOU.

Because we involve an actual practicing attorney, your NDA will be more than just something someone pulled off the internet somewhere. You can feel confident sharing your ideas with investors, mentors, potential business partners, manufacturers, test markets, clients, and more because you are under the protection of your own NDA!

You get all this without the crazy cost you might expect. Because it reduces our costs by about 80%, we pass those savings directly on to you!


So why should you choose SNAP Legal?

Because it offers an option that is robust, affordable, and done in a snap!

How It Works

How It Works - NDA

1) Fill Out A 5 Minute Form

Click the  "Get Started" button below and spend 5 minutes entering the relevant information that our attorneys need.

2) Pay Your 67 USD Invoice

We will immediately send you a 67 dollar invoice from FreshBooks to the email address that you choose. There are zero penalties if you want to wait to pay it. So, if you'd like to get your NDA later, you can still fill out the form now & pay whenever you want us to start, whether that's 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year from now!

3) Our Attorney Creates Your NDA

Once you pay the invoice, our attorney will be notified, and they'll get started on it right away! It takes our attorneys 1-2 business days to draft your NDA.

4) Now You're Protected!

Now you can have an extra measure of confidence when you share your inventions, ideas, & plans with angel investors, venture capitalists, mentors, potential business partners, manufacturers, test markets, clients, and more!

DISCLAIMER: SNAP NDA is NOT a state-specific NDA. Most of our clients don't require a state-specific NDA, but if you do, you may need to seek out the counsel of an attorney practicing within your state.

Who Will Draft My NDA?

Although we use a machine to optimize the process, your NDA is actually drafted by a real, qualified attorney (unlike other systems). Meet the attorney that specializes in SNAP Legal - NDA:

kissclipart-dollar-sign-png-clipart-dollar-sign-united-states-9d10bba94ca8673d (1)-1

Darrin Burnham

Darrin Burnham is our in-house attorney who specializes in NDAs. Before creating "SNAP Legal - NDA" (with the help of our automation specialist, Joseph Yarrington) Mr. Burnham has hand-drafted NDAs for the clients of Miller IP Law. He was instrumental in the creation of SNAP Legal - NDA and continues to use the tool to create high-quality NDAs in a fraction of the time.


Darrin is an attorney with Miller IP Law with experience in a wide range of matters relating to Intellectual Property. Darrin enjoys representing clients at all levels, including several Fortune 100 companies, prominent local leaders in technology, as well as start-up companies in all stages and independent inventors. His practice encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies including software, electrical, chemical, mechanical, medical, and materials disciplines. Darrin is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts of Utah and is a registered patent attorney certified to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

During his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah, his electric marine motor design team secured the sole funding from the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association by beating out several design teams from competing universities with his team’s prototype out on the river.

Darrin earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton School of Law in Dayton, Ohio. Upon his graduation, Darrin was awarded the Law and Technology Certificate by the law school in recognition of his course concentration in intellectual property law and his completion of dual capstone projects in both Intellectual Property Licensing and Patent Litigation.

Before joining Miller IP Law, Darrin worked with prominent local and national law firms including Kunzler Bean & Adamson, Lowenstein Sandler (where he assisted in establishing the firm’s Utah office), and Holman IP Law (where Darrin assisted while completing his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah).

NDA Cost - NDA Fee

How Much Is An NDA Worth?

NDAs that are crafted from scratch by attorneys typically run about $300-$1000, but they can be worth a LOT more.

The worth of an NDA depends on the worth of the intellectual property that it protects.

An NDA that protects a multi-million dollar startup can be worth millions. It protects that startup from losing their business to a competitor and losing out on all of that revenue.

So, how much is an NDA worth to you?

It depends on how much your company is worth to you.


How Much Does An NDA Cost?

An NDA, which is started by SNAP Legal and crafted by an attorney, costs 67 USD.*

*First NDA costs 67 dollars. Subsequent NDAs are typically less (depending on the current promotion).

Who Can Benefit From An NDA?

NDA for Entrepreneurs

If You're An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have a LOT of reasons to get NDAs.

Your ideas are your livelihood.

Your visions will take you far.

Don't let someone else steal that from you.

NDAs can be used to create an agreement between you and investors, mentors, potential business partners, focus groups, manufacturers, and clients that they won't run off with your intellectual property.

NDA for Inventors

If You're An Inventor

Inventors can benefit a ton from NDAs, especially in the beginning stages.

NDAs typically come when you are in the process of inventing/perfecting your invention.

They typically come well before patents and pair well with the protection of a patent.

You can use NDAs with your mentors/potential partners so you can share your invention ideas without the risk of them running off to patent, produce, and sell your invention without you.


For One-On-One Protection:

For Nation-Wide Protection:

Get A Provisional Patent

NDA for Everyone

If You're An Idea Person

If you're looking to explore the potential of your ideas and just need guidance from a mentor or partner, you can benefit from an NDA as well!

Especially if you like to work with others and find value in being able to bounce your ideas off of mentors & peers.

Too often, creative idea people are taken advantage of. You get excited about something, you share it in your excitement, and that can bite you.

Don't let those closest to you steal your ideas.

Get an NDA.

What Else Do I Need To Do?

As a business owner, there are a TON of different balls you need to juggle. We get it. Protecting your intellectual property can be complex, vague, and daunting.

So, whether you are in the beginning steps of starting your business or making sure you didn't miss anything along the way, we've compiled a legal checklist of things you need to do to protect your business, intellectual property, and other assets. Your business may not need every single thing on this list, but it DEFINITELY needs to at least consider each and every one.

SNAP Legal & Miller IP Law offer solutions to many of these and we are working to continually create solutions for leaders and forward-thinkers.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Starting Your Business

Be sure to Form an LLC
Open a Business Bank Account
Federal Licenses & Permits (for certain industries)
Purchase an Insurance Policy

Create Legal Meeting Minutes Documents
Create Company Bylaws (Corporations)
Online Terms Of Use
Online Privacy Policy

Bringing On A Business Partner

Draft a Partnership Agreement & Buy/Sell Agreement
Create Legal Meeting Minute Documents

Hiring On Employees

Draft a CIAA (for employees)
Create Independent Contractor Agreements
Create Employment Offer Letters
Create Employment Contracts
Create An Employee Handbook
Create Employee Evaluations & Employee Warning Letters

DISCLAIMER: SNAP NDA is NOT a state-specific NDA. Most of our clients don't require a state-specific NDA, but if you do, you may need to seek out the counsel of an attorney practicing within your state.

SNAP Legal, SNAP Legal NDA, and SNAP NDA are all intellectual property of Miller IP Law.